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New Cab App Aims To Help London Taxi Drivers Beat Uber

Maaxi, yet another taxicab app to enter the already saturated cab booking app market has been launched in a bid to help Black Cab drivers take on the competition from Uber.

London’s cabbies have had stiff competition from private hire drivers who have joined Uber and allow passenger’s to book a taxi from any location from their smartphones. This has had a negative effect on Black cab’s dominance of the London market.

As like many companies Wandsworth Cabs has taken a slightly different route to joining up with the booking apps, instead deciding to create their own booking app.

Maaxi’s unique selling point is the fact that it helps up to five people traveling in the same direction¬† to travel together, which should help passengers save on their fares. And also allow the driver to make more money by having more people pay per journey.

Whether Maaxi will be a success or an “also ran” will take time to know, but one thing which is clear is that there are so many apps flooding the market that passengers are benefiting from all the competition.


New Silver Taxis For Cheltenham

Silver will be the colour for all taxis operating in Cheltenham according to the Gloucestershire Echo. In a survey of cab drivers, silver was the colour that most cabbies wanted as the color for taxis operating in Gloucestershire.

In a move to make it easier for passengers to identify the cities taxis the council has decided to introduce a standardize all cab in a similar colour. The change will be implement gradually over time so as not to create another expense for drivers suddenly.

Many of the taxi drives support the move as they believe a it will increase awareness of their cabs and hopefully should increase bookings. Currently minicabs are not required to have any particular coloured vehicle. However many operators of cabs approve the move such as Wandsworth Minicab Taxis